Hercules Report

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Hercules Report

Hercules is a mythological hero whose father was the great Zeus, the main among the main ones. His mother was a mere mortal. Zeus had to trick Alkmen, and in the guise of her husband, he appeared to the beauty in the middle of the night. Nine months later, Zeus had an illegitimate son - Heracles.

When Hera, who was the legal wife of God Olympus, found out about the betrayal of her husband, she decided to destroy that child. The goddess was the patroness of marriage, and tried to protect a legal marriage with Zeus, so she had to fight with the illegitimate children of her husband.
Two monstrous snakes were sent by her to the lullabies of Hercules and his brother. But the baby, who had the power, managed to get rid of them. He strangled them. Further, everything was like everyone else - Hercules studied, completed several feats, married and acquired offspring. But Hera could not calm down. She sent an attack of madness on Heracles, as a result of which they killed their own children and beloved brother.

To atone for this, according to the Delphic Pythia, he must perform ten feats. But he committed them 12 - and the whole world heard about them.

Feats of Hercules

  1. Strangulation of the Nemean Lion
  2. The killing of the Lernean hydra (not counted due to Iolaus help)
  3. Stimphalia extermination
  4. Catching the Cerinean Doe
  5. Taming the Erimanf Boar
  6. Cleaning Augean stables (not counted due to board requirement)
  7. Taming the Cretan Bull
  8. The abduction of the horses of Diomedes, the victory over King Diomedes (who threw strangers to eat their horses)
  9. The abduction of the Belt of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons
  10. The abduction of the cows of the three-headed giant Gerion
  11. The abduction of golden apples from the Hesperides garden
  12. Taming the Guardian of Hades - Dog Cerberus

Hercules' life was eventful. But the path was not so long, he died at fifty. And there are different versions of his death. The most likely next option: Hercules realized that the forces were leaving him, and he could not pull the bowstring of his own bow. And then he decides to end his journey at the stake. This is a worthy end to the life of the hero.

According to another version, he climbed a cloud to the top of Olympus, where he became one of the most respected gods. And he found his happiness by tying himself to marriage with the daughter of Zeus.

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