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Pyramids are the famous architectural monuments of Ancient Egypt. The pyramids of Cheops and Giza are one of the seven wonders of the world. The pyramids are huge stone structures of a pyramidal shape, used as tombs for the pharaohs. The word "pyramid" - Greek, means a polyhedron. In total, more than 118 pyramids of various shapes and heights were discovered in Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian architecture even today strikes with the power of its huge stone structures. At the entrance to these structures, there are huge statues of pharaohs, sphinxes made of stone lie. Sphinx - in Ancient Egypt - the embodiment of royal power, a statue depicting a fantastic creature with the body of a lion and the head of a person or sacred animal.

The Great Pyramid of Cheops is the face of the Egyptian pyramids and the most large-scale building of antiquity. The construction of the pyramid took two whole decades and was completed in 2560 BC. With a height of 146.5 meters, it was the largest building in the world for more than 4 millennia. The weight of the pyramid is more than 6 million tons. The area of ​​this giant is about 5 hectares. The Cheops Pyramid consists of 2.3 million stone blocks.

The second most important is the pyramid of Chephren, the son of Cheops. It was built on a 10-meter plateau, because it seems to be higher than the Cheops pyramid, but this is not so. Its height is 136.4 meters. Not far from the pyramid of Chefren is the Great Sphinx - a monument carved into the rock. The features of the Sphinx repeat the face of Pharaoh Chefren.

The crypts of the Egyptian pharaohs are not inside the pyramids, as many mistakenly believe, but not far from them, in the Valley of the Kings. According to one theory, the mathematical "principle of leverage" they mastered helped the Egyptians build magnificent pyramids. But, at the same time, in this way he could have built the pyramid of Cheops in a century and a half. Then, as she appeared in just two decades. Egyptian pyramids were built about two centuries in a row. While one was being built, another was already appearing in the sand.

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