What are holy books for?

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"The role of the holy books in human life" essay

Each nation has its own history, culture, values. These values, as a rule, include folklore, legends, and sacred books. But why do we need to know about the holy books today?

I believe that the role of holy books in human life is invaluable. They give us knowledge, help develop spiritually. This is what feeds the people from within. Such books tell about historical events, people, messengers of the Almighty.

There are three such letters in the world — the Vedi, the Bible, and the Qur'an. For example, the Vedas are a monument of Indian culture. The religion of the Vedas is an artistic image in which artists have been turning for centuries. Another holy book is the Qur'an, the basis of the Muslim religion. This is a kind of collection of sermons of Muhammad, which affects the culture of the peoples of the East. And, of course, the Bible is our sacred attraction of literature. Translated from Greek means "book." This is the one and only symbol of the entire Christian people. Although we perceive it as a single text, it is known that the Bible was written by different authors and at different times and even in different languages. She incorporated historical events about the life of saints, hymns, instructions, aphorisms and much more. But the most important thing is the commandments of God. It is they who, over the centuries, have guided the people to a righteous life.

Although these writings are different at first glance, the main goal is to help a person realize the world, himself, open his soul. Each episode, image encourages a righteous life. This is a true spiritual experience of past generations. Therefore, the general cultural significance of the holy books is invaluable.

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