Socrates main ideas

What are the main ideas of the philosophy of Socrates, the ancient Greek thinker and philosopher, you will learn from this article.

Socrates is the author of the theory of genuine eloquence, which is based on knowledge of the truth. His conversations and speeches were recorded by the students of the thinker, and today we have a great opportunity to learn about the philosophical and pedagogical ideas of Socrates.

The main philosophical ideas of Socrates

  • The subject of philosophy, the main goal and the main task is the knowledge of the "nature" of man, thinking and lifestyle, as well as the primary source of his deeds and actions. Socrates claimed "know yourself." This is the meaning of the purpose and calling of each person.
  • The human essence is concentrated in his soul. And the value of the soul lies in knowledge. For its growth it is necessary to lead a virtuous life.
  • He developed a method of subjective dialectics, through which one can establish the truth. Socrates believed that truth is an objectively independent knowledge obtained during a conversation of dialogue, when concepts are clarified.
  • Knowledge is conceptual in nature. These are concepts about the general, thought, which are revealed through definitions.
  • The philosopher argued that the material world cannot be known (agnosticism), but the soul is available for knowledge.
  • His main didactic achievement is mayevtica. This is a dialectical argument leading to truth.

The main ideas of Socrates briefly on pedagogy

  1. The main pedagogical thesis of Socrates is that moral self-improvement is the main among all human goals in life.
  2. Happiness consists in eliminating the contradictions between social and personal being. Otherwise, everything will lead to disharmony with society and spiritual discord.
  3. The main pedagogical idea of ​​Socrates is “He who knows himself knows what is good for him, and clearly understands that he can and what he cannot,” that is, self-knowledge.
  4. He connected the natural abilities of a person with his right to education.
  5. Teaching is more valuable than life. After all, the teacher forms the personality of a person, and later on the society.
  6. The main task of teachers and mentors is to awaken the powerful spiritual forces in the student.
  7. Conversations are the foundation of any teaching, because only thanks to them can truth and knowledge be laid in the consciousness of the student.

We hope that from this article you learned what are the main ideas of Socrates.

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