"What is politeness" essay reasoning

Composition-reasoning “Why should everyone be polite?” You can write using this example. A courtesy essay shows the significance of this trait in the modern world.

“Why do you need politeness” composition

Each person is endowed with both positive and negative qualities. One of the positive human qualities is politeness. But what is politeness and what does it mean to be polite?

I believe that there is no single answer to this question. After all, how many people, so many opinions. For me personally, courtesy is a certain form of relationship between people, goodwill. This is really a positive feature that teaches us to respect others, to understand people. A polite person must have high moral values, be able to communicate well. But for the modern world such a person is a rarity. We have already begun to get used to the fact that we have become gray shadows, similar to each other. Because of this, our personality is gradually disappearing.

They say the truth, the rules of behavior were not invented in order to complicate the existence of people. But, unfortunately, today you can increasingly see manifestations of impolite. To offend a friend, to quarrel with a neighbor, to be rude in public transport are all manifestations of weakness. Yes, precisely weaknesses. And we express this only when we do not respect each other. In this case, you should remember the words: "As you relate to people, so they will relate to you."

Therefore, I believe that we need to be more humane, to show our polite attitude. After all, such a person is able to leave a pleasant thought after himself.

And in your opinion, “who is such a polite person”? Leave your own answers and thoughts in the comments.

Composition on the subject: "Courtesy and good breeding"

To be polite means to be able to behave and have good manners, to be helpful and helpful. This means treating people in such a way that they feel they are taken care of, appreciated and respected. Many people behave politely only among strangers because they want to make a good impression. But true politeness is to be polite always and with everyone.

“Please,” “thank you,” “sorry,” “please” are not just words. This is an expression of politeness; with the help of these words we make it clear to people that we value them and respect their feelings.

If you carefully listen to a person without interrupting him, this indicates that his words are as important to you as your own.

If you showed courtesy at the first meeting with a person, the next time he wants to get to know you better, to help you with something. Politeness is like a magnet. She attracts people to us.

But politeness is not inherent in every person. This trait needs to be educated in children so that the world around us becomes kinder and better.

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