“What is nobility?” Essay

The essay “As I understand the nobility” shows a point of view on this issue.

“What is nobility?” Essay

Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What is nobility?”. Probably a little difficult to answer. For some reason, a so-called aristocratic image immediately arises in the head. This is triggered by stereotypes. If a person is of a noble family, then he is a noble one. But is this really so?

I believe that nobility is a person’s dignity, a manifestation of his inner essence. A certain core. The core, which allows you to correctly go the path of life. Nobleness always comes from within. What difference does it make who was your great-grandfather-great-grandfather, if the soul is full of anger, hypocrisy. They say the truth: "True nobility has no kind." Society will not accept human baseness either from the king or from the peasant.

Human nobility is verified by actions and only by actions. And in what actions does it manifest itself? First of all, it is the ability to sacrifice. So, a person must sacrifice, help those in need, even if it is disinterested. This makes him spiritually superior to others. A noble person will never humiliate the other, especially the weak. She is purposeful, has a sense of dignity, kind, responsive, patient. Such a person does not give empty promises, does not shift the blame to another.

Therefore, I think that such a positive quality as nobility can have everyone. And only through good deeds does a person support and affirm him in himself.

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