What do I need for happiness? essay

What does a person need to be happy? Such a question worries people for a long time, but there is no definite answer. What makes us happy with others may not bring joy. The work sets out the thoughts of an individual person.

"What is human happiness?" Essay

What does a person need to be happy and who or what makes us happy? The answer to this question is ambiguous. Someone needs recognition, someone needs money, and someone needs family comfort.

For me personally, happiness is a paradoxical feeling. It happens for a long time and it becomes so good in the soul. But it happens - it comes unexpectedly. For example, moving an old woman across the road. Simple details make me happy: healthy parents, friends nearby, my beloved puppy. Also, spring gives me a feeling of happiness. When the first warm sun warms with its rays. Everything around wakes up, comes to life and becomes so good and warm in the soul. It is very important for me that my family be healthy. Every day, seeing a smile on their face is a real joy, without which I can not live.

How to make a person happy? Probably, it is enough for a person to make a nice compliment about his appearance and his eyes will shine differently. I believe that a person cannot be happy without the ability to express his feelings. It is also equally important to have something to your liking that would bring pleasure.

So, although happiness is different for everyone, but it causes us exactly the same feelings. Therefore, believe in your happiness and it will certainly come to you.

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