Paper Cities Summary

Paper Cities a summary of the book will remind you of what this novel is about.

Paper Cities Summary

The story in the first 2 chapters is on behalf of high school student Quentin Jacobsen. The last chapter is told from a third party.

Paper cities begin with a prologue. The action takes place nine years before the events of the novel. When Quentin Jacobsen and Margot Roth Spiegelman were nine years old, they find a dead man in a nearby park. Margo found out that Robert Joyner (that was the name of the man) committed suicide due to a divorce from his wife. This experience connects Quentin and Margot. But since then, he and Margo no longer communicated.

In the first part, Margot is already a popular girl, she does not communicate with Quentin since she was nine. And Quentin Jacobsen is a 17-year-old student in the graduation class at the Orlando school. He loved his best childhood friend, Margot, all his life. Quentin is a smart boy, and Margot does not accept any lessons in his company.

A few weeks before graduating from high school, Margot appears in Quentin's window in the middle of the night. She asks for help to take revenge on the guy who cheated on her. She turned to him, because she does not have a car and he had to help her realize 11 points of her plan and take revenge on friends who offended her. Margo and Quentin burst into friends' houses and cars creatively, damaging them. Their night of mischief and revenge ends in the Sea World water park.

Part two describes the last few weeks at school. After a nightly adventure, Margo disappears. This is not the first time she has been running away from home. This time, the parents decide not to look for her. However, she left prompts to Quentin, and he intends to collect them to find out where she disappeared.

Quentin turns to his friends Radar and Ben, and Margot's friend Lacy for help in trying to find her. They end up on a journey to find or "save her." Margo left the keys in Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass. Along the way, Quentin realizes that Margot is not really what he thought he knew

Margo's vague clues led Quentin and his friends to an old, abandoned shopping center in which Margo spent some time. In the mini-hall, they find maps and other clues that help suggest where Margo planned the route.

Quentin begins to study Margot's obsession with what she calls “paper cities,” or pseudo-suburban suburban buildings that were abandoned before they were completely built. Quentin makes short trips to all of the buildings he can find in Central Florida to find out if she is there, but does not find her.

During his search, Quentin, who is looking for a group of geeks who can restore order in chaos, which is the social hierarchy of high school, has earned some respect from the popular crowd. Quentin is more obsessed with finding Margo than his friends, because Margo is the center of the Quentin universe, and Radar and Ben are more concerned about the school, their girlfriends, and their final exams. On graduation evening, Quentin, not interested in leaving for prom, plans to spend the night in an abandoned shopping center in Margot's hideout. He fell asleep there, but woke up to take his friends after a graduation party.

Quentin continues to search, he can not think of either graduation or exams, when his brain is constantly occupied with thoughts of Margot. On graduation morning, Quentin discovers that Margot left a key on the Radar website that she is in Agloe’s “paper town”, near New York, and she will be there until May 29 at noon. This gives Quentin only twenty-four hours to get there. Quentin, Radar, Ben and Lacey missed the graduation and go to Agloi in the minibus that Quentin's parents gave him on the graduation.

The third part describes this epic trip from central Florida to upstate New York that Quentin has painted by the hour. The road trip is crazy, they take turns, but this is an experience of communication for four friends. When they arrive in Agloi, Margo behaves indifferently and coldly to them. Lacey, Ben, and Radar got angry and left, but Quentin stays and talks to Margot. She explains why she feels obligated to break off her relationship with Orlando and her past, and invites Quentin to go to New York with her. She does not want to live according to the scenario - home, work, family, children ...

They are kissing. However, Quentin refuses to stay in the literal and symbolic paper town of Margo, and Margo refuses to return to the emotional goals of his life in Orlando ..

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