"Bremen Town Musicians" summary

"Bremen Town Musicians" is a summary of the Grimm brothers' tales.

"Bremen Town Musicians" summary

The main characters of the tale - a donkey offended by their owners, a dog, a cat and a rooster set off for the city of Bremen to become city musicians.

Only they could not one day reach Bremen and decided to spend the night in the forest. The donkey and the dog went to bed under a large tree, the cat settled on the branches, and the rooster flew up to the very top of the tree - there it seemed to him the safest.

Stopping on a path in the forest, they discover a robber's hut. The Bremen Town Musicians climb onto each other and perform their “music” (the Donkey roared, the dog barked, the cat meowed, the cock started to sing). The robbers run away in fear.

Each of Bremen’s musicians goes to bed according to his taste and habits: a donkey lies in the yard, on a pile of garbage, a dog lies behind the door, a cat lies on the hearth, and a rooster sits on the roof of the robber’s hut.

Later that night, the ataman of the robbers sends one of the members of the gang to see who has captured their hut. But the scout is scratched by a cat, a dog bites, a donkey kicks, and a rooster cries out loud from the roof of the robber's hut: “Ku-ka-re-ku!”. In fear, the robber runs to the chieftain and says that the house is captured by terrible creatures. The robbers no longer dared to return, and the Bremen Town Musicians remained to live in a forest hut.

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