The Brothers Grimm Three Brothers

The Brothers Grimm Three Brothers

This is a story about how a father could not divide property between his sons. Sons, at his request, became jack-of-all-trades, and although the younger brother received the house from his father, they all lived in it together and did not swear, because they loved each other very much.

There lived a man who had three sons, and only one house. Each son wanted to inherit that house after his death, but his father loved them all equally and did not know who to leave the house with.

He wouldn’t want to sell the house and divide the money between them, so he didn’t want to sell it, because he inherited the house from his great-grandfathers ...

The father thought and said to his children: “Go into the people and try yourself, and let everyone choose for himself some craft for study; upon your returning home, that one of you who will prove himself more skillful than others in his field will receive an inheritance from me. ”

The eldest decided to be a blacksmith, the second a hairdresser, and the third a fencing teacher.

Then they set a time at which they were to converge again in their father's house, and dispersed in different directions.

It so happened that each of them in his work found himself an excellent teacher, from whom he could properly learn his skills.

The blacksmith was instructed to shoe the royal horses, and he hoped that he would get the house.

The hairdresser shaved only noble gentlemen, and thought that he would get the house.

The fencer had to get more than one blow, and still reluctantly he thought to himself: “There is nothing to be afraid of, but, perhaps, the house will slip out of my hands!”

Time passed, and they all converged in the father's house; but they did not know how to find an opportunity to express their art to their father, and therefore they began to deliberate among themselves.

During their meeting they see a hare running to them from the field. “Uh! - said the hairdresser. - That came in handy! Surely called! ”

Immediately he took a basin and soap, whipped the foam, and when the hare ran closer, he soaped his face on the run and shaved his beard on the run and did not cut it and did not damage a single hair.

“It's not bad,” said the father, “and if only the other two do not surpass you too much in their skill, then the house will remain with you.”

Soon after, they see that some gentleman is racing at full speed in his carriage. “Here you have to take a look, my father, at my skill!” Said the blacksmith, ran after the carriage, ripped off all four horseshoes at a horse and grounded it with four new horseshoes. “You are just great! - said his father. “You are doing your job as well as your brother ... Really, I don’t even know which of you two should give my house ...”

Then the third son said: “Father, let me show you my skills!”

Just at that time, it began to rain, and the fencer, taking out his sword, began to quickly turn it over his head with it, so that not a single drop fell on him ...

The rain went harder and finally turned into a downpour, which was pouring out of a bucket, and the fencer turned his sword faster and faster over his head and left the dryhead as if standing under a roof.

When his father saw this, he was amazed and said: “You excelled your brothers in your skill - the house belongs to you!”

The brothers were quite satisfied with the father’s decision, and since they loved each other very much, they began to live together in their father’s house and continued to do their own craft; and with their knowledge and skills they earned a lot of money.

So they lived in complete contentment to old age, and when one of them fell ill and died, the other two grieved for him so much that they soon fell ill and died.

By their mutual love and close friendship they were buried in one common grave.

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