Brothers Grimm “The Snow Maiden” summary

The fairy tale “The Snow Maiden” by the Brothers Grimm can be read in brief 5 minutes.

Brothers Grimm “The Snow Maiden” summary

Snow Maiden (Snow White) is a fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, published in 1812 and supplemented in 1854, about the beautiful daughter of the king, who was sheltered in the forest by the gnomes, saving the angry stepmother who wields a magic mirror from anger.

One winter snowy day, the queen sits and sews at the window with an ebony frame. She accidentally pricks her finger with a needle, drops three drops of blood and thinks: “Ah, if I had a baby born as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as ebony.” Her desire is fulfilled and a girl is born, who was called Snow White, the dreams of the Queen Mother are embodied in her: she was with snow-white skin, black hair and a healthy glow on her cheeks. After the birth of a daughter, the queen mother dies, and the king a year later marries another, proud and arrogant beauty. When Snow White turns 7, the proud queen's magic mirror recognizes her stepdaughter as the most beautiful in the country. The queen instructs the kennel to take the girl to the forest and kill the girl, and in proof bring her lung and liver. Having pity on Snow White, the kennel brings the queen the lung and liver of a young deer, which she prepares and eats.

Snow White finds a hut in the forest where a table is set for seven people and, to satisfy her hunger, takes a few vegetables, bread and wine from each serving, and then, after crossing herself, falls asleep on one of the beds [2]. When it got dark, the owners came to the hut, which turned out to be seven mountain gnome miners. They see the baby and are fascinated by her beauty. In the morning, after listening to the story of Snow White, the gnomes offer the girl to stay with them and keep the house. They also warn against communicating with strangers, fearing the intrigues of her stepmother. Having learned from her own mirror that Snow White is still alive behind seven mountains, the queen comes three times, dressed in different people, in her arsenal - a suffocating lace for a dress, a poisonous comb and a poisoned apple. Twice Snow White is saved by the Dwarves, but for the third time they fail to recognize the cause of the death of their pet. But even the lifeless Snow White was fresh and ruddy, so the dwarves do not dare to bring it to the ground, they make a transparent crystal coffin with a gold inscription and put it on top of the mountain. Even animals and birds come to mourn the royal daughter, and the good gnomes, one by one, keep watch. The evil queen receives confirmation from her mirror that she herself is now more beautiful and sweetest of all.

Snow White lies in a coffin for a very long time, seems to be sleeping and still looks beautiful. Once the prince passes by and, upon seeing the girl, falls in love with her. The prince requests the dwarves to exchange for gifts or give him a coffin, since he can no longer live without looking at his beloved. Out of sympathy, the dwarves pass on his servants a coffin with a beauty that they carry on their shoulders but stumble, and a piece of poisoned apple pops out of Snow White's throat. Life returns to her. Korolevich and Snow White celebrate the wedding, to which the evil queen is also invited. Learning from the mirror that the bride is more beautiful than her, the queen panics. However, curiosity takes over and the stepmother appears at the wedding celebration, where she finds out her stepdaughter. In punishment for her deeds, the villain must dance in red-hot iron shoes, until she falls dead.

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