Guilty Without Guilt

“Guilty Without Guilt” - a play by A. N. Ostrovsky (1881–1883), a classic example of melodrama.

Guilty Without Guilt

"Guilty Without Guilt" protagonists
  • Lyubov Ivanovna Otradina, a girl of noble birth / Elena Ivanovna Kruchinina, a well-known provincial actress.
  • Taisa Ilinishna Shelavina, a girl, a commodity Otradina.
  • Grigory Lvovich Murov, a young man from the provincial officials.
  • Annushka, maid of Otradina.
  • Arina Galchikha, bourgeois.
  • Neil Stratonych Dudukin, rich master.
  • Nina Pavlovna Korinkina, actress.
  • Grigory Neznamov,
  • Shmaga - artists of the provincial theater.
  • Ivan, a servant in a hotel.
  • Milovzorov Petya, the first lover.

The action takes place in the second half of the XIX century., In the provincial city, in a poor apartment on the outskirts. Lyubov Ivanovna Otradina, "a maiden of noble birth." She earns a living by sewing and talking to the maid. The father of the child, Murov, will not appoint a wedding day, afraid to admit to his mother that he will marry a dowry.

Once Murov comes and says that he is leaving for urgent matters. He shows ordinary indifference to his child, who is three years old. Murov lives with the bourgeois Galchikha, who works as a governess and takes children for education.

Suddenly Shelavin arrives, a friend of Otradina, who in a dubious way received a rich inheritance, and now she is preparing for the wedding. Shelavina happily chatting about the wedding and, showing off, shows a photograph of the groom. Otradina, with horror, recognizes Murov and expels him. Galchikha comes running with the news that her son Grisha is dying.

Seventeen years have passed. At the hotel, a rich master and patron of actors, Dudkin, is looking forward to the return of actress Elena Ivanovna Kruchinina, touring in the city. Then the theater premiere appears and reports that a scandal has been arranged by the young actor Neznamov to the local rich man Mukhoboev. Kruchinin asks the governor to forgive Neznamov and not expel him from the city. Dudkin says that Gregory, who was not legitimate, was taken to Siberia for education, received some kind of education, and with difficulty received some kind of residence permit, having molested the troupe. Kruchinina tells her story how, when she saw her dying child, she lost consciousness. When she recovered, they said that the child was dead. A rich relative took her to her, where she lived as a companion, and, having received an inheritance, decided to become an actress.

Neznamov and Shmaga appear, waiting for Kruchinin. Neznamov talks about his grievances, where one can see his bitterness and disbelief in some kind of good motives of people. She gives him some money. A beggar appears in which Kruchinina recognizes Galchikha. She asks her to tell what is with her son and where is he, the old woman explains that for the money she gave him to a childless couple, and Murov approved and added the money.

In the theater restroom, Korinkina complains to Milovzdorov that rumors about Kruchinina walk among the troupe and tell the story of Dudkin, but in a cynical form and offer to arrange an evening in honor of Kruchinina. Neznamov and Milovzorov talk about Kruchinina, but Neznamov doubts the veracity of the story, having decided to check everything himself. Murov appears, admiring her game. She demands to say where her son is. Murov says that he was adopted by a wealthy merchant and mentions a gold medallion worn on the finger that Otradin gave. Neznamov suspects intrigue here.

In the garden on the estate of Dudkin, Kruchinina tells Dudkin about the recognition of Galchikha. Murov forces Kruchinin to leave the city so that his searches do not cast a shadow on his reputation. Neznamov makes a toast to mothers who abandon their children, and those who are forced to endure suffering, but some give their child a trinket that constantly reminds them of the mother who abandoned him. Kruchinina rushes to Neznamov, losing consciousness. Looking at the frightened Murov, she tells her son that your father is not worth it to look for him. He promises him that he will become a good actor, and his mother's surname is no worse than any other.

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