Benjamin Franklin inventions

The achievements of Benjamin Franklin and the invention, politician, diplomat, scientist, journalist, writer, publisher and freemason are used even today. What Benjamin Franklin became famous for and what you invented, you will learn in this article.

Benjamin Franklin inventions

Benjamin Franklin became famous not only for being one of the leaders of the war for US independence, but also for his achievements. Among them are:

  • He perfected a musical instrument. Asking the question which musical instrument Benjamin Franklin perfected, we answer: glass harmonica . But it was like that. Benjamin arrived in London in 1757 and saw that the British were keen on playing glass. They put 40 glasses on the table and filled them with water in different quantities. Next, the man drove with wet fingers along their edges and a sound was reproduced. Franklin was skeptical of the misuse of glasses. He replaced them with glass hemispherical cups of different diameters strung on a pole. The lower part of the cups was immersed in water, and the upper part could be touched with fingers. They made just magical sounds. Thus, Benjamin Franklin improved the musical instrument, and the result was a glass harmonica.
  • He introduced the designation of charged electrical states "+" and "-".
  • He was the first American and a foreigner to become a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.
  • In 1752, he proposed a lightning rod project, having previously studied the electrical nature of lightning.
  • In 1784, he invented bifocal glasses.
  • Franklin was the founder of the first public library.
  • He was the first to receive a patent for the design of a rocking chair.
  • He developed a small-sized economical stove for the home, which was called the Franklin stove or Pennsylvania fireplace. This is his most popular invention. Even today they are used in many countries, since a stove with a quarter of the consumption of firewood gives 2 times more heat than in a conventional fireplace. It is noteworthy that Franklin did not patent his invention.
  • He created the theory of storm winds, explaining their origin.
  • He developed the idea of ​​an electric motor .
  • He was the first to use an electric spark to explode gunpowder.
  • Benjamin Franklin has developed his own time management system.
  • For the first time he explained in detail on what principle the Leyden bank operates: he established that the main role belongs to the dielectric, which separates the conductive plates.
  • With his participation, the width, depth and speed of the Gulf Stream were measured, and the first Gulf Stream a map was created.

We hope that from this article you learned what are the main achievements of Benjamin Franklin.

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