Ebony Tower Summary

Ebony Tower Summary

) — книга Джона Фаулза из пяти повестей, объединённых пересекающимися мотивами, и изданная в 1974 году. The Ebony Tower is a book of five stories by John Fowles, united by intersecting motifs, and published in 1974.

Ebony tower

A young abstract artist and art critic David Williams comes to the famous artist Henry Bresley to collect material for a book about him. Bresley, known for his shocking behavior and contempt for contemporary art, has long lived at the Cotmine estate in Brittany. In addition to Bresley, two young English women live in the estate, who studied art and became Bresley's lovers - Diana (“Mouse”) and Ann (“Freak”). David begins to have a feeling for Diana, torn between the attracting beautiful and talented artist and his duty (in a few days he should meet with his wife in Paris). On the last evening, an explanation occurs between them, ending in a breakup. The next morning, David leaves to continue the life that he led before, realizing that he will never see Diana again.


The story "Eliduc" is a translation made by Fowles of Le Maria of France. The illustrious knight Eliduc is slandered before his king and travels overseas to England to serve another king, leaving his faithful wife at home. In England, Eliduc falls in love with King Gilliadoon's daughter. However, Eliduc must return home, and he takes Gilliadun with him. When the virtuous wife of Elidyuk finds out about this, she goes to the monastery so as not to interfere with the happiness of two loving hearts.

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An old writer rents a cottage in a remote countryside to write a long-standing study on Thomas Peacock. On the first night, a robber enters the house. He turns out to be a supporter of strange ultra-left views and, using the helplessness of the old man, combines robbery with the presentation of his own philosophy. Before leaving, having tied the writer, the robber before his eyes burns all his drafts and notes, destroying the work of several years. The writer is trying to explain this act of vandalism.


A successful financier and member of the House of Commons, Fielding disappears without a trace and for no apparent reason. Police officer Michael Jennigs interviews people who knew him - his wife, son, girlfriend of his son, and tries to understand whether Fielding was killed, whether he committed suicide or pretended to disappear.


Two English families with children have a rest in France. Under the external idyll of the picture pitfalls emerge.

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