Bartolomeu Dias short biography

Bartolomeu Dias brief biography and interesting facts from the life of the Portuguese navigator are described in this article.

Bartolomeu Dias short biography

Little is known about the life of the navigator Bartolomeu Dias (1450 - 1500). The first documentary evidence of his activities date back to 1481. At that time, the Portuguese began to explore the western shores of the African continent. The traveler took part in the construction of Elmina Fort, a fortress that became a transshipment base for Portuguese expeditions. The authorities were obsessed with the idea of ​​finding a sea route to the country of spices - India. And King Joao II on October 10, 1486 entrusts this important mission to Diash.

Ships were at sea from 1487 to 1488, circling the African continent from the south and entering the Indian Ocean. Thus, he managed to find the sea route to India. Seafarer Bartolomeu Diash and his team were the first to not only see the southern coast of Africa and its local population - koikoin, but also open a cape, called the expedition commander as Cape of Good Hope.

Returning home, he received no awards other than gratitude. They did not trust him with any expeditions, he only watched the preparations of other travelers or took part in campaigns under the guidance of someone.

Achievements in the geography of Bartolomeu Dias laid the foundation for the marine exploration of India. And he died not far from the cape, which he was lucky to dig. This event happened on May 29, 1500, when he took part in the campaign of Pedro Cabral to the coast of Brazil: his ship disappeared during a storm. And to this day, he is considered missing.

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