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Paper Cities Summary

Paper Cities a summary of the book will remind you of what this novel is about. Paper Cities Summary The story in the first 2 chapters is written on behalf of high school student Quentin Jacobsen. The last chapter is told from a third party. Paper cities begin with a prologue. Action takes place over nine years

Guilty Without Guilt

“Guilty Without Guilt” - a play by A. N. Ostrovsky (1881–1883), a classic example of melodrama. “Guilty without guilt” summary “Guilty without guilt” main characters Lyubov Ivanovna Otradina, a girl of noble birth / Elena Ivanovna Kruchinina, a well-known provincial actress. Taisa Ilinishna

The Endless Story

The Endless Story summary The Endless Story is a 1979 Michael Ende novel. The plot of the book takes place in two worlds: Reality and Fantasy. The events are structured so that the "fabulous" storyline is first the events of a book that the protagonist reads. The first storyline tells

Ebony Tower Summary

The Ebony Tower Summary The Ebony Tower is a book by John Fowles from five stories united by intersecting motifs, and published in 1974. Ebony Tower Young abstract artist and art critic David Williams arrives at the famous

“Billiards at half past nine” summary

“Billiards at half past nine” summary “Billiards at half past nine” - a Heinrich Böll novel, published in 1959. Formally, the novel takes place within one day - September 6, 1958, however, using the memories of the heroes, the narrative captures the events of the past

Babi Yar summary

Babi Yar Summary Babi Yar is a documentary novel by Russian writer Anatoly Kuznetsov, based on the author’s childhood memories. The novel consists of an author's introduction, an introductory chapter, and several dozen chapters, combined in three parts. The first part tells of the retreat of the Soviet troops from Kiev, the disaster of the South-Western Front, the first

The Brothers Grimm Three Brothers

Brothers Grimm “Three Brothers” summary This is a story about how a father could not share property between his sons. Sons became at his request handymen and even though the younger brother received a house from his father, everything

Brothers Grimm “The Snow Maiden” summary

The fairy tale “The Snow Maiden” by the Brothers Grimm can be read in brief 5 minutes. The Grimm Brothers “The Snow Maiden” summary Snegurochka (Snow White) is a fairy tale of the Grimm brothers published in 1812 and supplemented in 1854 about the beautiful daughter of the king who was sheltered

"Bremen Town Musicians" summary

"Bremen Town Musicians" is a summary of the Grimm brothers' tales. “Bremen Town Musicians” summary The main characters of the tale are a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster offended by their owners who go to the city of Bremen to become city musicians. Only they could not one day reach Bremen and decided to spend the night in the forest. Donkey