Antonio Gaudi interesting facts

Antonio Gaudi, you will learn interesting facts from the life of the Spanish architect in this article.

Antonio Gaudi interesting facts

Antonio Gaudi is called the king of architecture and the king of modernity. His fantastic creations have become one of the main decorations of Barcelona.

Anthony Placid Guillaume Gaudi i Cournet was born in 1852 in the town of Reus in Catalonia, Spain. His father was a boiler master. Until 1876, three younger brothers died, and soon their mother. In 1879, the aunt, the mother’s sister, died, leaving her little daughter an orphan. Gaudi, along with his father and cousin, settled in Barcelona .

Antonio suffered from rheumatism from childhood. This prevented him from playing with other children, but helped develop perseverance and observation , which is very important for the profession of architect. Gaudi also suffered from visual impairments - one eye was farsighted, and the other was short-sighted.

After moving to Barcelona, ​​Antonio entered the Provincial School of Architecture , which he graduated in 1878. He began to work under the supervision of such famous architects as Francisco Villara and Emilio Sala . Unsuccessfully participated in various competitions.

Gaudi considered a chicken egg an example of perfection and at one time he carried raw eggs in his pocket.

In Europe at this time, the neo-Gothic style became popular, and Gaudi became interested in the ideas of the Neo-Gothic. Gaudi's early work includes Vicençal House in Barcelona, El Capriccio in Comillas and Calvet House in Barcelona.

Decisive in the life of the young architect was his acquaintance with Eusebi Güell . Gaudi fulfilled many orders for the family of this person - projects of the estate, wine cellars, chapels, crypts and parks. Over time, Antonio Gaudi and Eusebi Guell became friends.

Gaudi became famous after he built the so-called Guell Palace . The architect very soon became the most fashionable and famous in Barcelona, ​​a lot of orders fell. Antonio Gaudi built a lot of buildings all over Barcelona.

The most fantastic and famous Gaudi's masterpieces are the House of Mila, the Casa Batlló, the House of Vicenç and the garden city Park Guell. The pinnacle of Gaudi’s creation is the Atonement Temple of the Holy Family , which is also located in Barcelona.

In order not to "cut" the room into parts, he came up with his own unsupported system of floors . Only after 100 years did a computer program capable of performing such calculations appear. This is a NASA program that calculates the trajectories of space flights.

The brilliant architect died on June 7, 1926 after he was hit by a tram. Passers-by and cabmen did not recognize Gaudi and sent him to the hospital for the poor. There Antonio Gaudi and died from his injuries.

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