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"Angry Boy" Chekhov analysis

An “angry boy” you can use an analysis of Chekhov's story in preparation for the lesson. “The Angry Boy” Chekhov analysis Author - Anton Chekhov Year of writing - 1883 Genre - story Main characters - Ivan Ivanovich Lapkin, Anna Semenovna Zamblitskaya, boy Kolya

"Ivanhoe" work plan

"Ivanhoe" plan of the work of Walter Scott, you can make using these options. "Aivengo" plan 1) Captivity of Richard "Lionheart" and the unrest of the king's brother. 2) Dreams of Cedric Sachs and the expulsion of his son. 3) The salvation of Isaac Aivengo. 4) Knightly tournament and "Deprived of Inheritance". 5) The Black Knight and the hero of the day Aivengo.

Silver hoof plan

“Silver hoof” you can make a plan for the tale of Bazhov from the proposed options. “Silver hoof” plan 1. Orphan Darenka 2. New home 3. life of Darenka with Kokovane 4. Crystal animal 5. Joy of Darenka “Silver hoof” Bazhov plan 1) Grandfather

"The Art of Poetry" analysis

The Art of Poetry Paul Verlaine analyzes the work The Art of Poetry as a manifesto of symbolism. That's what Verlaine's works are called. But, unfortunately, the author was sharply condemned by critics for his poetic views. He wanted to destroy any canons of classicism. What, in fact, Fields

Treasure Island Analysis

“Treasure Island” analysis of the work - theme, idea, genre, features “Treasure Island” Stevenson analysis Author - Robert Lewis Stevenson Year of writing - 1883 Genre - adventure novel Theme - a story about the journey of the Hispaniola team behind the treasures of the pirate Flint.

What manifested the community of sciences?

What manifested the community of sciences of philology and astronomy? The commonwealth of philology, astronomy and everyday life was manifested in the fact that Mikhail Lomonosov managed to write a poem (philology) about two scientists (astronomy), citing an example from

The story of the creation of the opera "Ivan Susanin"

The story of the creation of the opera “Ivan Susanin” briefly or “Life for the Tsar” will help to find out how this work of Glinka appeared. Glinka opera "Ivan Susanin" history of creation Opera "Ivan Susanin" was created by Glinka in 1836. Even during the trip abroad

Pomegranate Bracelet Plan

You can make a “Garnet Bracelet” plan for Kuprin’s novel using these options. “Pomegranate bracelet” plan 1. General Anosov about love 2. Gained feelings 3. Love and letters of Zheltkov 4. Heartless people 5. Last letter 6. Sonata number 2 Plan of the story “Pomegranate bracelet” 1.

How does the theme of love develop in the story “Garnet Bracelet”?

How does the theme of love develop in the story “Garnet Bracelet”? At the beginning of the story, the feeling of love is parodied. Faith’s husband, Prince Vasily Lvovich, a cheerful and witty man, teaches a stranger to him, Zheltkov, showing the guests a humorous album with the telegraph’s love story to

"Garnet bracelet" quote characteristic

“Pomegranate bracelet” quotation characterization of heroes - Zheltkov, Vera, Anosov, and description of heroes “Pomegranate bracelet” quotation characterization of heroes Portrait of Vera Sheina: “... she went to her mother, a beautiful Englishwoman, with her high flexible figure, tender, but cold and proud face, beautiful though