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"Angry Boy" Chekhov analysis

An “angry boy” you can use an analysis of Chekhov's story in preparation for the lesson. “The Angry Boy” Chekhov analysis Author - Anton Chekhov Year of writing - 1883 Genre - story Main characters - Ivan Ivanovich Lapkin, Anna Semenovna Zamblitskaya, boy Kolya

"The Art of Poetry" analysis

The Art of Poetry Paul Verlaine analyzes the work The Art of Poetry as a manifesto of symbolism. That's what Verlaine's works are called. But, unfortunately, the author was sharply condemned by critics for his poetic views. He wanted to destroy any canons of classicism. What, in fact, Fields

Treasure Island Analysis

“Treasure Island” analysis of the work - theme, idea, genre, features “Treasure Island” Stevenson analysis Author - Robert Lewis Stevenson Year of writing - 1883 Genre - adventure novel Theme - a story about the journey of the Hispaniola team behind the treasures of the pirate Flint.

Garnet Bracelet Analysis

“Garnet bracelet” analysis of the work will help prepare for the lesson. “Garnet bracelet” Kuprin analysis What is the work of “Garnet bracelet” about? Why does it have such a name? In the story “Pomegranate Bracelet”, the feeling of a “little man”, telegraph operator Zheltkov, is praised to Princess Vera Nikolaevna Sheina.

Analysis of the work "Ivanhoe"

Analysis of Walter Scott's work “Aivengo” - topics and problems, plot and composition of “Aivengo” analysis Author - Walter Scott Year of writing - 1819 Topic “Aivengo”: a story about the exploits of Aivengo, Richard against the background of enmity between the Normans and Saxons. The issues of “Ivanhoe”: the struggle for

Heather Honey Analysis

Robert Lewis Stevenson "Heather Honey" analysis Topic: the death of the last picts. Idea: struggle for independence and freedom against oppressors. The main idea: it is better to die with honor than to live in dishonor. To give out the secret of honey means to betray the traditions of your people, betray your

Why is the "Tale of Rejuvenating Apples" magical?

Why "The Tale of Rejuvenating Apples" is a fairy tale, you will learn in this article. Why is the "Tale of Rejuvenating Apples" a magical This tale is magical, as it has such signs: 1) the beginning (beginning) - In a certain kingdom, in some

"The Tale of Rejuvenating Apples" composition

"The Tale of Rejuvenating Apples" composition of the tale The Russian folk tale of rejuvenating apples has a well-known plot. She is instructive and interesting. The main idea of ​​"Tales of Rejuvenating Apples ..." - betrayal does not lead to anything good. Youth cannot be eternal

"The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" teaches what? the main idea

What does the fairy tale about the Golden Cockerel teach you by reading its summary. "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" teaches what? The tale of King Dadon teaches to keep his word. The main character is offered help in exchange for a return service in the future. The king accepts

"Princess Frog" composition

“The Frog Princess” composition of the fairy tale Exposition - Matchmaking, orders of the tsar Stroke - “Vasilisa the Wise turned into a white swan and flew out the window” Development of the plot - Ivan Tsarevich goes in search and meets a bear, hare, duck, drake, pike Climax -