Altai mountains interesting facts

Altai Mountains interesting facts tell amazing facts about this natural area. You will learn interesting facts about the Altai Mountains in this article.

Golden Mountains of Altai interesting facts

Altai Mountains are over 2000 km long

There are 3,500 lakes in the mountains

Altai mountains range in height from 1,500 to 1,750 meters.

In the mountains lies Teletskoye Lake , filled with 40 km 3 of fresh, clean water. It is so transparent here that at a depth of 15 m you can see the bottom. The lake is partly part of the Altai Reserve and a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site called the Golden Mountains of Altai.

Altai mountains are the cleanest region of the Russian Federation. In their area there are no railways and industrial enterprises.

In the mountains there are 1402 glaciers, which occupy an area of ​​910 km 2 . These are giant reservoirs of fresh water.

The rivers that flow in the mountains, surprisingly change their color at different times of the year.

According to historians, tigers met in the foothills of Altai until the 19th century.

Kucherlinskoe Lake - known for its turquoise color of water. This is one of the largest reservoirs of glacial origin. The lake is located at an altitude of 1790 meters above sea level.

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