Alessandro Volta short biography

Alessandro Volta A brief biography of the life of the great scientist is presented in this article.

Alessandro Volta short biography

Alessandro Volta was born on February 18, 1745 in the town of Como, Italy. His mother did not particularly deal with the boy, pushing the education of the nurse. But she did not attach importance to education. Therefore, the first words were given to Alessandro at 4 years old with special difficulty, but normally he spoke only at the age of 7. Then the boy lost his father, and the future scientist moved to live in Uncle Alexander's house. He took seriously the training of his nephew - arithmetic, history and Latin became mandatory subjects. The young man eagerly absorbed knowledge and became interested in electricity.

Alessandro Volta interesting facts

At the age of 24, Volta published a work on a Leyden bank, and two years later he wrote about an electric car.

In 1774, Allesandro teaches physics at his hometown school, and after 3 years he becomes a professor of physics and teaches at the University of Pavia. In the educational institution, he worked for as long as 36 years, after heading the faculty of philosophy in it.

In 1775, the scientist invents an electrophore - an electric induction machine. This was the first invention that produced electrical static charge. The device produced electricity only from friction, transferring charge to other objects.

Between 1776 and 1778, Volta was in Austria and studied gases and discovered the presence of methane in the natural environment. Over time, he learned to secrete this substance.

Returning from Austria in 1799, Alessandro Volta discovered that his device on which he worked was capable of storing energy. And a year later, in 1800, he invented the first electric battery. It consisted of copper or zinc plates placed on top of each other. They were separated by cardboard spacers soaked in saline. This made it possible to supply an eclectic current without interruption. Also, the scientist is the author of the law of capacitive resistance.

He has received many awards - membership in the Royal Society of London since 1791 for the invention of the electroscope. In 1794, the company awarded the scientist the Copley medal for the discovery of electronic potentials.

As for his personal life, Alessandro was married to the daughter of Ludovico Peregrini - Teresa. They have been married since 1794 and had three sons.

Volta died at 82 years old.

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