Alexey Romanov short biography

A brief biography of Alexei Romanov, the Russian Tsar, who was nicknamed the Quietest for his restless disposition and wild character, is set out in this article.

Alexey the Quietest short biography

A brief biography of Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov, the son of Romanov Mikhail Fedorovich and Evdokia (his second wife) begins on March 29, 1629. Until 5 years old, the little prince was brought up with the royal "mothers." At the age of 14, he was “announced” solemnly to the people, and after 2 years he ascended the Moscow throne, as he had lost his father and mother. It is worth noting that the first years of the reign of Alexei accounted for the actual government of the boyar and the educator of the prince - Morozov.

Selecting the closest assistants, he was guided by the availability of appropriate abilities of the candidates. The tsar’s entourage consisted of representatives of both the clan aristocracy and lesser noble people.

The king actively participated in the compilation of the Council Code of 1649. The code for many decades has created a legislative base for Russian society. He lured foreign specialists to serve in Russia. During the reign of Alexei Romanov, they also received support from the regiment of the "foreign system."

The value and role of Zemsky Cathedrals, the Boyar Duma is significantly reduced. Zemsky cathedrals cease to convene; the last of them met in 1653. Although the Boyar Duma was preserved, but within its framework, the Middle Duma developed, which included close czars. The importance of command bureaucracy is constantly growing.

During the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich, the church split. This led to an intensified struggle of the state and the church against the Old Believers. There was even a clash between the king and Patriarch Nikon, during which church authority became less influential on the king.

Romanov also dealt with the policy of protectionism and mercantilism, bringing together local and patrimonial and land tenure. For this purpose, the Trade Charter was adopted in 1653 and the Novotrade Charter in 1667.

The reign of the king was marked by numerous social mass demonstrations - the peasant war of Stepan Razin, Solyana and Copper riots. He expanded the borders of the state. It included Ukraine, Eastern Siberia, the Far East.

Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was twice married. The first wife of the ruler was Maria Ilyinichna Miloslavskaya. She gave birth to Romanov 13 children. The second wife is Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina, who bore him 3 children. Four of his children, sons Ivan, Fedor and Peter, daughter Sofia, subsequently ruled the country.

The tsar of the Romanov clan died in Moscow on February 8, 1676 . Some scientists are prone to the fact that the cause of the death of Alexei Mikhailovich was its excessive fullness.

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