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The Frog Princess

“The Frog Princess” summary The king has three sons. The younger is Ivan Tsarevich. The time has come for the princes to tie the knot. Each of them must wrestle with that girl on whose yard his arrow will fall. The older brothers got to the merchant and the boyar, and the younger got

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky short biography

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky a short biography is presented in this article and can be supplemented by interesting facts. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky short biography Born in the family of a forester in the village of Izhevsk, Ryazan Province, in September 5, 1857. After scarlet fever in childhood

Paul Celan Short Biography

Paul Celan A brief biography of the German-speaking poet and translator is set out in this article. Paul Celan brief biography Paul Angel (then his real name) was born on November 21, 1920 in the town of Chernivtsi, which was part of royal Romania. His mother is very