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The Tale of Refrigerated Apples by

You will find out who wrote the Tale of Rejuvenating Apples and Living Water in this article. Who wrote The Tale of Rejuvenating Apples? The author of the tale of rejuvenating apples is the people. This is a Russian folk tale, the plot of which is familiar to many children.

Interesting facts about the senses

From this article you will learn interesting things about the sense organs and without which sense organ a person cannot live. Interesting facts about the sensory organs. The receptors that are responsible for the organs of touch are located not only in the skin, but also in

Confucius: quotes about death

Confucius: quotes about death Without knowing what life is, is it possible to know death? A worthy man cannot but possess a breadth of knowledge and firmness of spirit. His burden is heavy, and his path is long. Humanity is the burden that bears

Quotes Confucius about work, education, the state

Quotes from Confucius about work and education, about the state are collected in this article. Quotes from Confucius about work Find a job that you fall in love with, and you no longer have to work a single day in your life. Work on cleansing your thoughts.

Confucius: quotes about love

Confucius quotes about love are filled with deep meaning. Famous Confucius quotes about love. Love is the beginning and end of our existence. There is no life without love. Because, love is what a wise person worships. Happiness is

Confucius quotes about life and happiness

Confucius quotes about the meaning of life about happiness are collected in this article. Confucius: quotes and aphorisms about the meaning of life Simplicity is one of the best qualities of man. Try to be at least a little kinder, and you will see that you will not

Wise Quotes Confucius

Confucius quotes and aphorisms wise are collected in this article. Confucius quotes and aphorisms, wise sayings Not that great who never fell. And he is great - who fell and rose. Beauty is in everything, but not in everyone

What does the Three Brothers tale teach?

What the fairy tale “Three Brothers” of the Grimm Brothers teaches you will learn after reading it. What does the Three Brothers tale teach? The tale "Three Brothers" teaches: Hard work and responsibility; Respect parents Love family; Keeping True to the Word The Brothers Grimm Tale teaches to be self-sufficient

Vysotsky's quotes about love

Vysotsky’s quotes about love, about treason, about loyalty are collected in this article. You can also recall Vysotsky’s quotes about life. Vysotsky's best quotes about love - What would you give to your loved one if you were omnipotent ?! -

Vysotsky's quotes about life

Vysotsky quotes and aphorisms about life, many people have heard about people more than once. This article contains the famous quotes from Vysotsky. You can also recall Vysotsky’s quotes about love. Vladimir Vysotsky quotes and statements about life and people