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The causes of the death of Maya civilization?

The causes of the death of Maya civilization? Mayan civilization originated around 2000 BC. e., but since the beginning of the 900s. e. began to rapidly decline. The reasons for the disappearance of the Mayans have not yet been established. The ancient Mayan civilization developed on the territory

Interesting facts about the Mayan civilization

Interesting facts about the Mayan civilization are collected in this article. The Mayan tribe: interesting facts Mayan civilization originated in about 2000 BC. e. and reached the peak of its development in 250-900 years. n e. Maya Indians lived on

Berlin Wall interesting facts

The Berlin Wall interesting facts for children and adults are collected in this article. The Berlin Wall Interesting Facts The Berlin Wall was not built as a pre-designed unified structure. It was a series of four different walls, starting with two fences

What did Aristotle discover?

What Aristotle discovered in geography, biology, physics, you will learn in this article. What did Aristotle discover in geography? Aristotle, through prolonged observation of the sunsets of the sun and moon, proved that the earth has the shape of a ball. In the writings of Aristotle there are many

Baroque interesting facts

Baroque style interesting facts about the direction in art that arose in Italy on the border of the XVII-XVIII centuries are described in this article. Baroque interesting facts. The homeland of baroque is Italy. He became very popular in such cities - Rome,

Interesting facts about lawyers

You will learn interesting facts about lawyers and interesting facts about jurisprudence from this article. Interesting facts about jurisprudence Jurisprudence is considered the oldest profession in the world. The first lawyers appeared in ancient Rome, but then they still did not know the basics

Interesting facts about nuclear physics

Interesting facts about nuclear physics, which studies the structure and properties of atomic nuclei, are presented in this article. Nuclear Physics Interesting Facts The world's first nuclear reactor was launched on December 2, 1942 under the stands of the large stadium of the University of Chicago. Guided