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Interesting facts about oxides

Oxides, interesting facts about compounds that are formed by oxygen and another chemical element are described in this article. Oxides are interesting facts 1. Oxides are able to form almost all the elements that make up the Mendeleev system. 2. The most common oxide on Earth

Interesting facts about the island of Tasmania

Interesting facts about the island of Tasmania will tell about the history and life in this part of the world. Tasmania Island Interesting Facts Tasmania is an Australian island and state with the same name. Tasmania is located approximately 240 kilometers south

What is made of sunflower?

What is sunflower grown for? Sunflower is used daily, but many of us have no idea where it is used except for the food industry. What is made of sunflower? Everyone knows that sunflower is the most important oilseed crop, that is, they make

Vedas interesting facts

The Vedas are interesting facts about the sacred texts of Hinduism, you will learn from this article. Interesting facts about the Vedas of the Vedas are knowledge about the structure of the world in which we live. They give an understanding of the true nature of man, God. With the help of the Vedas one can penetrate

Alchemist inventions

The most interesting inventions of alchemists are presented in this article. Interesting inventions of alchemists In 1669, the German alchemist Brandon Hennigg, who was in search of a philosopher's stone, first tried to synthesize gold from human urine. During the process her

Interesting facts about Neanderthals

Neanderthals interesting facts about this amazing phenomenon in the history of mankind are presented in this article. Interesting facts about Neanderthals Scientists from the London Museum of History claim that Neanderthals genetically transmitted to us the risk of cancer and diabetes. They refer to

What did Tsiolkovsky invent?

What did Tsiolkovsky invent? What is Tsiolkovsky famous for? Tsiolkovsky’s contribution to science was invaluable, and in this article you will find out which one. Tsiolkovsky scientific achievements Tsiolkovsky proposed a number of ideas that have found application in rocket science. These are gas rudders designed to control

What did Thomas Edison invent?

What did Thomas Edison invent? Edison’s inventions can be enumerated for a long time - he created a phonograph, improved the telegraph, worked on the development of the telephone network and made a great contribution to the country's overall electrification. The phonograph recorded reproduced sounds. At first, the device used paraffin to record

Alchemy interesting facts

Do you know something interesting about alchemists? Interesting facts about alchemists contain a lot of cognitive information. Alchemy: interesting facts The homeland of alchemy is Ancient Egypt. The alchemists themselves started their science from Hermes Trismegistus (he is the Egyptian god Thoth),

Discoveries of Alchemists

Discoveries of Alchemists Alchemy originated in Alexandria at the end of the 4th century BC. Ancient Egypt is considered the birthplace of alchemy. For many centuries (from the 2nd to the 18th centuries), Alexandrian, Arab, and then European alchemists tried