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Clown fish interesting facts

Clown fish Interesting facts for children and adults will help to prepare a message or story about clown fish. Interesting facts about clown fish Clown fish - marine fish species with a bright orange color with black and white stripes. They got their name precisely because of

Dniester interesting facts

Interesting facts about the Dniester River will reveal a lot of new information and help prepare a report on the Dniester. Dniester interesting facts 1. The length of the river is 1362 km, the greatest depth of the Dniester is 6 meters, not far from Chisinau. The height of the mouth of the Dniester is 0 m

Interesting facts about the theater

Interesting facts about the Sydney Opera House, the Japanese Theater, you will learn from this article. Sydney Opera House interesting facts * As many as 17 years have passed from the idea of ​​creating a theater to its implementation. In 1959, construction began, which

Blue whale interesting facts

Blue whale: interesting facts for children will help you learn a lot of new information. Blue whale: the most interesting 1. The blue whale is the largest animal in the world, with a weight of 150 tons and a length of 33 meters. 2. Despite its huge

Butterfly urticaria interesting facts

Butterfly hives interesting facts In winter, butterfly hives are sleeping. Scotland they are called "Devil Butterflies." Butterfly urticaria lifespan - up to 9 months. If a butterfly-urticaria begins to hide in clear, calm weather in places protected from wind and drafts, and sometimes

Where is Stonehenge located?

What country Stonehenge is located in, you will learn from this article. Where is Stonehenge located? From the very beginning of civilization, mankind has been engaged in the construction of grandiose structures, which, after many centuries, are known to the whole world until now. One of these buildings

Nanotechnology: interesting facts

Interesting facts about nanotechnology 1. In Greek, “nano” means a dwarf. 1 nanometer (1 nm) - one billionth of a meter. The sizes of objects encountered by nanotechnology lie in the range from 0.1 to 100 nm. Most atoms

How do birds live in warm places?

How migratory birds live in a foreign land, or build nests, or take babies out. Learn the answers to these questions by reading this article. How do birds live in warm places? Flocks of birds fly away to warm places in different ways, for example, geese fly away

Citric Acid: Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about citric acid will reveal a lot of interesting and useful information. Interesting facts about citric acid Citric acid was first isolated (from lemon juice) in 1784 by Swedish pharmacist Karl Scheele. Each person’s body contains lemon

Interesting facts about the Indians

Interesting facts about Indians for children are outlined in this article. Interesting facts about the Indians 1. We are used to the fact that America is considered to be the birthplace of a sports game - basketball. But scientists have revealed that Indians who have lived more than 3,000 years