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Ranevskaya quotes about women

Faina Ranevskaya said quotes and aphorisms about women very often and they went down in history. Faina Ranevskaya quotes about women To stay thin, a woman needs to eat in front of a mirror and naked The myth that women need only

Faina Ranevskaya quotes funny

Quotes of Faina Ranevskaya are funny about life, relationships, men and women. Funny quotes Faina Ranevskaya Woman smarter than men. Have you ever heard of a woman who would lose her head just because a man has beautiful legs? There are people in

Ranevskaya quotes about life

Quotes of Faina Ranevskaya about life are sometimes wise, sometimes funny, many like it. Quotes about the life of Faina Ranevskaya are collected in this article. Quotes from Faina Ranevskaya about life People are happy with problems for themselves, no one forces them to choose boring professions,

Lao Dzu quotes about life and war

Lao Dzu quotes about life and war, about love, about water are collected in this article. Lao Dzu quotes about life • There is no greater crime than to condone harmful aspirations. • There is no sin heavier than passions. • The reason that

Andrey Voznesensky biography short

Andrei Voznesensky a short biography and interesting facts from the life of the Soviet poet of the sixties are described in this article. Poet Andrei Voznesensky short biography Voznesensky Andrei Andreevich was born in May 1933 in Moscow in the family of a hydraulic engineer. The boy spent his childhood

Alexander Fleming interesting facts

Alexander Fleming interesting facts from the life of a Scottish bacteriologist are presented in this article. Alexander Fleming interesting facts Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming was born on August 6, 1881 in East Ayrshire in the family of a farmer Hugh Fleming and his second wife

Victor Hugo short biography

Victor Hugo a brief biography of the French writer, poet and playwright is set out in this article. Victor Hugo short biography Years of life - 1802-1885 Famous works of Hugo: "Notre Dame de Paris", "Les Miserables", "The Man Who Laughs", "Cromwell". Victor Hugo was born in 1802 in

Why do you need to protect birds?

Why not everyone knows how to protect birds, because at first glance their benefits are negligible. Why do you need to protect birds? Over the past 400 years, more than 200 species of birds have died out on the globe, and now every second

James Cook Short Biography

James Cook a brief biography of the English navigator and explorer of the oceans will help write a report about him. James Cook a short biography James Cook was born on October 27, 1728 in the English village of Marton in the family of a laborer day laborer. From the age of 7 he worked with his father, at 13

Bison: interesting facts

Interesting facts about bison will help to prepare an informative message about bison. Bison: interesting facts The image of the bison has become a worldwide sign of rare and endangered animals. The bison is considered the largest land mammal that can be found in Europe. Nowadays, there is only