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Composition about mermaids

The essay about mermaids contains interesting information about these mythological creatures. A message about mermaids As a child, we read fairy tales, watched cartoons. And each time in the head they drew the image of a mermaid. That it’s a half-fish, a half-girl who can bewitch young men

Composition about vegetables

You can write a story about vegetables using the presented option. A message about vegetables for children. It is probably difficult to meet a person who would never eat vegetables. Because from childhood we are taught that this is the basis of our food, a storehouse

"Education for the Future" essay

An essay on the topic: “Education of the future” you can write using the presented option. Composition: “Education in the future” Education in our country requires improvement. Indeed, in the era of information technology and education should keep up with the times. Such a rapid development

The work "Indifference is the highest cruelty"

The work “Indifference is the highest cruelty” reveals the significance of this problem in the modern world. The composition "Indifference" Each person has feelings, such as love, kindness, anger, hypocrisy. These qualities can probably be continued indefinitely. Along with these qualities is indifference

“What is nobility?” Essay

The essay “As I understand the nobility” shows a point of view on this issue. “What is nobility?” Essay Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What is nobility?”. Probably a little difficult to answer. For some reason, a so-called aristocratic image immediately arises in the head.

What are holy books for?

You can write the work “The Importance of the Holy Books in the Life of Mankind” using the presented version. “The role of sacred books in human life” essay Each nation has its own history, culture, values. These values, as a rule, include folklore, legends, and sacred books.

Dog Scientific Description

Scientific description of the dog Domestic dog (class - mammals; series - predatory; family - canine) - the term is used for both domestic and homeless animals. Descend from wolves and jackals domesticated as far back as the Stone Age. First mention of

"Why do I need poetry" composition

Composition: “Do you need poetry in the 21st century?” You can write using the presented version. “Does modern man need poetry”, the work Poetry ... Such a seemingly simple word in the modern world. But this is a whole engine that can ignite more than one